Genius (2018) Hindi Full Hd Movie Mp4

The film starts at the Porbandar docks in Gujarat where a fizzled mission leaves RAW specialist Vasudev Shastri otherwise known as Vasu (Utkarsh Sharma) with fallen colleagues and a few long lasting wounds. Scarcely surviving the trial, he comes back to the National Security Advisor’s (Mithun Chakraborty) office with a harmed leg and a listening device to come back to his situation as the head of TOCSI (Team of Crime and Special Investigation). In any case, after much consultation, he is marked ‘uncouth’ by his seniors. So he chooses to go up against his incomplete mission independent from anyone else.

In any case, before that, we are transported back so as to when he was a best positioning IIT understudy. There, his psyche was not centered around his evaluations but rather the young lady he had become hopelessly enamored with – Nandini (Ishita Chauhan).

Presently quite a while later he willingly volunteers clash with the famous criminal MRS (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). Vasu’s virtuoso capacities are presently tried as he is compelled to battle for his patriotism and for the lady he adores. He meets his match in MRS, who additionally views himself as a virtuoso though a frantic one.

Directed byAnil Sharma
Produced by
  • Deepak Mukut
  • Anil Sharma
  • K.C. Sharma
  • Kamal Mukut
Written byAnil Sharma
Screenplay by
  • Sunil Sirvaiya
  • Amjad Ali
Story byAnil Sharma
  • Utkarsh Sharma
  • Ishitha Chauhan
  • Mithun Chakraborty
  • Ayesha Jhulka
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • K. K. Raina
Music by
  • Himesh Reshammiya(Soundtrack album)
  • Monty Sharma 


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